About Subshot

My name is Subshot and am a 20 year old producer that began in December of 2010 making hip hop beats when I first got FL Studio demo edition when I was 14 before my birthday. I back then used listen to a lot of hip hop, including Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and some Houston rap music. Some of my biggest influences back then were some of the popular producer Lex Luger, Bangladesh, Kane Beats, Tha Bizness and some of the less known producers, who were very popular on YouTube and some of the instrumental remakers, Krissi O, Luke Tracks, AdProductions, and more producer who remade instrumentals back then. For a bit, I used to produce EDM, then found it to be very boring, and got back to hip hop. Some of my biggest influences now for some of producers back then and new producers like DJ Mustard. I also get influences from many of the popular rappers when I produce, too. I used to be named Lil Hend before I changed it a long time ago. My current name comes from EDM production I used to do.

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