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Free downloads are not for any profit. All free downloads will contain a watermark in the audio file along with an audible tag, in which I can find by downloading a video through the Youtube to MP3 converter and analyzing via FL Studio's wave candy. Every upload containing my content is subject to the YouTube to MP3 converter and WaveCandy process. The watermark and the tags are can also lower the mixing quality. If you want any profit, you must buy a lease. I still have full rights to any free download.


A lease is for profit, but under limited conditions. You can only sell 2,000 copies and the lease period only lasts 12 months. You will then need another lease or get exclusive rights. I still have full rights to any lease.


Exclusive rights are obtained through a negotiation through my e-mail, The minimum is $200 for exclusive rights, and you are subject to questions like, "what is your budget," "how popular are you," and more. You must be legit on your answers and I will ask you if you are being legit. This will determine how much to charge. When a deal is struck, I will send a payment link through paypal, and once I receive a payment, The deal is done. Then, you have full rights to the beat. I will no longer have the rights to the beat, but I will have the beat up online. However, the beat will be marked "SOLD" with all caps and will no longer be available for free download or lease.


No matter if you get a free download, lease, or exclusive rights, credit MUST be given to me, a.k.a. Subshot (e.g. prod. Subshot).



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